Apnea screening and cardiorespiratory monitoring

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Sleep signals recorder ApnOx

Apnox basic module


for cardiorespiratopry monitoring


for respiratory screening (apnea screening)

See comparison characteristics.

Sleep signals recorder ApnOx

ApnOx-04 (Type IV AASM)

Signals and parameters:

  • oxygen saturation (SpO2);
  • photoplethysmogram, pulse rate, perfusion index, respiratory rate and conventional respiratory amplitude (based on SpO2);
  • pressure airflow;
  • snore and airflow velocity (based on the airflow data);
  • body position and total movement activity (integrated accelerometer sensor);
  • CPAP Pressure.

*AASM - American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Apnox basic module

ApnOx-10 (Type III AASM)

Includes all the components of ApnOx-04 modification and wireless module Poly-4.

Records the entire set of ApnOx-04 parameters, as well as:

  • thoracic and abdominal respiratory effort;
  • electrocardiogram (ECG);
  • heart rate (based on ECG);
  • pulse wave transit time (based on ECG and PPG);
  • snore (accelerometer sensor);
  • airflow (thermistor airflow sensor);
  • motility;
  • skin conductance;
  • signals from DC-inputs.

Home sleep testing

Apnox module

Home sleep testing (HST) ‒ autonomous data recording onto memory card

Elegant screening test allow detecting signs of OSA, self-administered by the patient at home. Can be supplemented with equipment for video monitoring.

The camera is synchronized with ApnOx during the preparation for the study. Video and audio data is saved onto the memory card.

It is possible to control the recorded data using the tablet with a downloaded application.

Laboratory-based sleep testing


Telemetric recording mode ‒ data transmission into computer via wireless Bluetooth channel

  • quality control of recorded signals and correctness of sensors attachment;
  • CPAP titration (therapeutic pressure selection);
  • synchronized registration of audio and video data;
  • marking the significant events.

The system contains equipment for video monitoring, it detects synchronous data streams stored in the PC memory under control of staff.


Videomonitoring kit

Videomonitoring Kit can be a part of a sales package for ApnOx-10 and ApnOx-04

Provides simultaneous recording, analysis and storage of PSG, video and audio data, including the option of preparing short video clips.

Specialized "Viewer" application allows viewing specified fragments of physiological parameters and video data on doctor's PC (onto CD/DVD discs or other storage devices) using main functions of visual analysis.

Camera characteristics
sensitivity ‒ 0.07 lx @ F1.2
day-night mode ‒ a mechanical IR-cut filter
resolution 1920x1080, 1280x720, 704x576
frame rate ‒ 25 fps
built-in IR illumination
built-in microphone

ApnOx-04 and ApnOx-10 main features

Description ApnOx-10 ApnOx-04
Forming montages, study profiles + +
Record of the following signals and parameters:
oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2) + +
PPG signal from the SpO2 sensor and heart rate + +
signal of respiratory airflow and snoring via the respiratory cannula + +
the magnitude of excessive pressure created by the CPAP machine + +
data about the position of the patient body with accelerometer built-in into basic module + +
ECG signal +
signals of respiratory effort by thoracic and abdominal sensors of piezoresistive or induc-tive type +
signal of airflow from the thermistor sensor of respiratory airflow +
snoring signals (vibration of the larynx) using a snoring sensor +
signal of the movement activity of the limbs with the help of the sensor based on the accelerometer +
surface EMG signal reflecting the movements of the limbs +
skin conductance signal +
signal fed to the input DC +
Displaying data and signals on a monitor in real time or read from the card + +
Video recording of patient motor activity video equipment kit simultaneously with recording physiological signals + +
Display of trends and cardio-cyclic dynamics of parameters (based on signal processing and calculation of numerical values):
SpO2, pulse rate, perfusion index, frequency and the conditional amplitude of breathing + +
heart rate, pulse transit time (an indirect way to estimate the dynamics of blood pressure) +
native signals of respiration and skin conductivity +
Building a trend of signal for total movement activity + +
The recognition of body positions and calculation of statistics on locations of the body during the study + +
Recording of video information about the movement activity of the patient synchronously with the registering of physiological signals (using a video equipment kit, when working with a PC in telemetric mode under the control of the medical staff) + +
Automatic creation of reporting forms, containing statistical data on sleep events ( based on data processing and detection of sleep events):
"Apnea", "Hypopnea" + +
identifying the type of apnea ("Central apnea", "Obstructive apnea", "Mixed apnea") +
"Signs of Cheyne-Stokes breathing" + +
"Desaturation" and "Critical SpO2" + +
"Snoring" + +
"Tachycardia", "Bradycardia", "Autonomous activation" by signal PPG_ЅрО2 + +
"Tachycardia", "Bradycardia", "Autonomous activation", "Asystole" by signal ECG +
"Limb movements" and "Periodic limb movements" +
Editing a medical conclusion (protocol) on results of study and printing. Print the selected fragments of native physiological signals, tabular and graphical results of statistical processing of the sleep, indicating the presence of cardiorespiratory disorders + +
The export of the Protocol in Word format + +
Export of recorded (native) signals in publicly available formats: ASCII text files, EDF, EDF+ + +
Export of the calculated physiological parameters in a publicly accessible text file format (ASCII) + +
Storing data of the patient in the electronic catalog, storage of the studies in the form of files, the ability to access this data for processing + +

Modules, electrodes and sensors

Apnox module

ApnOx basic module

Number of registration channels 3
Recording signals and indices oxygen saturation (SpO2 sensor), pulse rate and perfusion index
pressure airflow (pressure airflow sensor) - (breathing rate and amplitude, duration, snore and breathing airflow rate
body position (integrated movement sensor) and overall movement activity
pressure from CPAP machine
Record modes autonomous - data record onto memory card
telemetric - data transfer to PC via wireless Bluetooth© channel
Power Battery or rechargeable battery, type AA
Time of continuous operation Not less than 10 h. (from 1800 mA*h battery)
Dimensions 95х60х30 mm
Weight (with battery installed) 120 g
Apnox sensors and electrodes

Sensors and electrodes for basic module

  • Fingertip SpO2 sensor / disposable SpO2 sensor:
SpO2recording range 70-100%
Measurement error in the range of
70% ≪ SpO2 ≪ 100%
not more than 2%
PR data update delay not more than 3 pulse waves

  • integrated P-Flow sensor using nasal respiratory cannula or adapter for CPAP connection:
Snoring record
(fluctuations of air pressure in the nasal cannula)
is available
POLY-4 module

Poly-4 module

Number of channels 4
Recording signals and indices thoracic and/or abdominal respiratory effort (piezoresistive or inductive sensors)
Electrocardiogram (ECG cable) - heart rate, pulse wave travel time and arterial tension dynamic evaluation
Snore (accelerometer)
Pressure airflow (termistor sensor)
Movement activity (accelerometers or EMG cables)
Skin conductance (EDA sensor)
Third-party devices connection ECG and/or EMG electrodes (bipolar adapter)
Analog signals recording (DC-in adapter)
Communication interface with basic module Bluetooth
Power Battery or rechargeable battery, type AA
Time of continuous operation Not less than 10 h (from 1800 mA*h battery)
Dimensions 90х60х25 mm
Weight with battery installed 120 g
POLY-4 module

Sensors and electrodes for Poly-4 module

Set of respiration sensors:

  • 2 respiratory effort sensors;
  • snore sensor;
  • oral-nasal thermistor airflow sensor;

ECG cable for bipolar derivation with neutral electrode,

Skin conduction sensor (electro dermal activity),

and also sensors for movement activity recording (see next slide).

Apnox module

Movement sensors

Sensors and electrodes for connection to Poly-4 module:

  • 2 wired movement sensors (accelerometers);
  • 2 EMG cables.

Wireless movement sensor - data transmit from a built-in accelerometer into an "ApnOx" basic module via wireless channel.

A set includes - battery type AAA, foot fixing ribbon.

Software ApnOx - data visualisation & analysis

  • Flexible and convenient software interface;
  • automatic detection of all major sleep events according to AASM recommendations;
  • practical tools for signals review and manual analysis;
  • customizable reports with reliable results for further diagnosis.
  • synchronous recording of video and audio data;

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